It’s fascinating to watch the alt-right twist reality.
Brad Evoy

Brad Evoy -

“But it does — the veneer of safety and legitimacy for other nations’ views on America and migrants.” Oh, come on now. Why would the US, which admits more immigrants than any other country in the world, have to worry about “other nation’s views” of our immigration policies? Nearly every country in the world has more restrictive policies than we do.

Of course that doesn’t stop them from displays of self-righteousness. But why should we care?

Now you’ve escalated the mythical “Muslim ban” into an “immigration ban.”

In fact, the “ban” is a temporary halt in the issuance of entry visas to residents of six countries, which happen to have predominantly, but not exclusively, Muslim populations. The vast majority of Muslims and of Muslim countries are completely unaffected. The six countries (along with Iraq) were named by the Obama administration — at the behest of an act of Congress — as countries of special concern WRT terrorism.

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