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Here’s your problem: “We know that if you just register 30 percent of the unregistered black voters in the South and you get them to vote along with progressive whites and Latinos, the South is no longer solid.”

Are you sure that the “unregistered black voters in the South” are ready to vote for your mishmash of pietism and socialism? As it is, the left is having a tough time keeping blacks on board. Anybody who disagrees with the narrative is labelled a “coon” and written out of the black race.

Ask Clarence Thomas or Thomas Sowell.

YouTube is full of channels operated by young black people dissenting from the SJW gospel.

“There would not have been a critique on poverty and unchecked capitalism, labor rights, healthcare, criminal justice reform, climate change, and raising the minimum wage, without a moral premise underneath it.”

I wish you’d leave climate change out of your laundry list. The scientific evidence stands on its own. Conservatives are persuadable on the issue. It isn’t arguable on moral terms. The earth is warming due to human activities. Period. Graph.

As to your other items. If you really want to deal with poverty, might I suggest that poverty is the natural order of things and not the product of some malicious plot. Start working on how people get themselves out of poverty instead of trying to use religion to guilt trip the public into handing over tax money to people who are poor and seem intent on staying that way.

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