All you have to do is read the abysmal Hobby Lobby decision.
Marcy Wagman

I disagree. Burwell vs Hobby Lobby was a fairly straightforward case which did not involve constitutional law, but whether the protections offered by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act applied to “closely held” for-profit corporations.

HHS had already exempted religious non-profits from the contraception mandate.

The court held, essentially, that there was no difference between requiring a business operating as a proprietorship and one operating as a corporation insofar as RFRA protections were concerned.

To exclude corporations from RFRA protection would force religious business persons to give up the advantages of operating their businesses as corporations.

The objection that corporations couldn’t have religious beliefs was undermined by the fact HHS already recognized the religious beliefs of non-profit corporations.

I don’t see a good argument for the Court for ruling against Hobby Lobby et al.

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