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I presume that “white nationalist” means someone who wants a nation inhabited entirely by white people. Do these leftist clerics have any evidence whatsoever that Steve Bannon advocates anything like that?

Also, why the hating on Bannon’s imaginary white nationalism but the left is fine with Keith Ellison’s youthful advocacy of black nationalism? Black nationalism would create a white nation by default.

As for anti-semitic: Have you guys READ Breitbart? Homophobic: Have you guys seen Bannon’s employee, Milo Yiannopoulos, in action?

Racist/sexist? By the standards of the SJW left, anybody who disagrees with them is racist and sexist by definition.

It’s unfortunate that this gang of “faith leaders” resorts to personal smears of people they don’t like. Do they have anything policy related to say, or is personal hatred all they’ve got?

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