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I see that Think Progress has become one of the last refuges of the anti-science cranks. James Lindgaard apparently doesn’t understand the articles that he linked. Mr. Piesecki lists the names of dead and retired scientists whose work was refuted long ago — along with a parade of WUWT regulars. Mr. Reich apparently thinks that a particular calculation by Robert Cess which has been declared to be wrong on the denialist site WUWT) is the sole evidence for the Charney estimate of equilibrium climate sensitivity (3 degrees C +/- 1.5 degrees) per doubling of CO2.

The problem with raising topic in the so-called Presidential debates is that Trump denies climate change (despite seeking approval for a seawall to prevent his golf course from being flooded due to rising seas due to climate change, as noted in the permit application.) Ms. Clinton talks the talk on climate change but her record is that she is an “all of the above” fossil fuel and fracking supporter.

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