I suppose it’s unnecessary to remind any person that protests like this ended America’s involvement…

I was heavily involved in the anti-Vietnam war movement. Do you know what we accomplished with all those protests and demonstrations? We got Richard Nixon elected.

The first big anti-war protest was in 1966. We had a march on the Pentagon in 1967, with 250,000–500,000 marching. Plus numerous smaller demonstrations. But all along, support for the war stood at 70%.

You know what changed that? The 1968 Tet offensive. Although it was a disaster for the Viet Cong, it showed the American people that the war was not virtually over, that it would last for a long long time. Support for the war plummeted.

But that didn’t mean more support for the protesters. Nixon convinced the public that not only did he have a secret plan to end the war, but that he was going to restore law and order. As in: Get those freaks off the streets.

Nixon did eventually pull all the combat troops out of Vietnam — five years and 22,000 dead Americans later.

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