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SPLC has no credibility on “anti-Muslim hate.” Not only do they solicit reports of incidents which they add to their list without further verification, but they maintain a list of “anti-Muslim extremists,” which includes Ayaan Hirsi Ali — a former Muslim survivor of genital mutilation and former Dutch Parliamentarian who collaborated on a film about the treatment of Muslim women in Europe. He colleague was murdered by Muslim extremists and she had to flee the country.

And SPLC calls Majiid Nawaz — a Muslim — an anti-Muslim extremist. Nawaz had renounced his Islamist past and has worked to develop a “secular Islam.” He operates an anti-extremist think tank.

Then there is Brigitte Gabriel, of Lebanese Christian heritage, whose family escaped death at the hands of Muslim fighters only because invading Israelis saved them.

Apparently, supporters of Israel are anti-Muslim extremists to SPLC if they criticize Islam itself.

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