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Surprise! Another “officials said” story from the New York Times.

Entertaining garnish that TP has added to it. According to “multiple outlets,” Rohrbacher has met with a “…lobbyist and alleged former spy…” and the link goes to CNN. == So what is CNN’s source? That would be Rohrbacher himself.

What does the “alleged former spy” have to say? “ Akhmetshin declined to comment for this story. He previously told Politico: “Just because I was born in Russia doesn’t mean I am an agent of [the] Kremlin.”

What? Think Progress is slurring an immigrant? Oh, the xenophobia! Perhaps TP finds him objectionable because he is in the country legally and hasn’t committed any “relatively minor” crimes.

Anyway, Akhmetshin runs a think tank known as International Eurasian Institute for Economic and Political Research.

In their zeal to go after Trump and Republicans, the left is going all in with McCarthyite tactics — meaning guilt by association. Akhmetshin must be a spy because he is of Russian ethnicity. Rohrbacher must be a spy because he met with Akhmetshin once.

I’m waiting for one of your guys to stand up and give the “I have a list” speech.

To the New York Times: If there really is a report, put it online. Otherwise, there is no reason to believe that you’re not just making stuff up.

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