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The Economic Policy Institute is dodging the real issue with vouchers: People want to take their kids out of schools that either aren’t teaching them anything, or are so drug and gang ridden as to be dangerous.

That students receiving vouchers aren’t doing “significantly” better than public school students in the wider school district — IOW, including schools that are not drug and gang ridden — is an irrelevant measure of failure/success.

This statement: “In some cases, vouchers exacerbate issues that hurt students’ quality of education, such as racial and economic school segregation and a flow of inexperienced young teachers into schools.” raises the question: Is racial and economic school segregation an issue that affects “quality of education?”

Because in a society in which people voluntarily segregate themselves by income, it would take a considerable amount of social engineering to fix that.

As to racial segregation: Again, that is a function of income based housing. As the the public school student population has become majority/minority, it is nearly impossible to “desegregate” schools.

But, do you really believe that black kids can only learn if there are white kids in the classroom with them? Or that poor kids can only learn if there are rich kids sitting next to them? Please explain why that is.

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