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“The problem is when there’s a little bit of lawbreaking at a mostly peaceful demonstration, the response from MPD is massive, it’s excessive, it’s unjustified, and it’s unconstitutional….”

What a bunch of lying horseshit!

This was an antifa “demonstration” from the start. The violence of the mob was well documented (and is available at multiple sites on YouTube) by actual journalists who were on the scene yet somehow managed not to get swept up in the “indiscriminate” arrests.

There was a mob of hundreds of thugs carrying hammers and clubs who smashed windows, dumped trash bins, smashed cars, and threw rocks and large fireworks. They wore masks and engaged in “black bloc” tactics. There was nothing peaceful about it. They were there to fight the police and, in fact, charged a police line.

Shay Horse, who is claiming to be an “independent journalist” also describes himself as a “scrumptious/rambunctious anarchist.” Milo Gonzales identifies himself as a protester and a “journalistic aide.”

Six police officers were injured by this mob.

Now these cretins are trying to weasel out of felony charges and the want to sue the city for suppressing a riot?

How about the city residents suing these anarcho -communists for the cost of policing this violence, property damage, and medical bills for the injured officers.

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