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The problem with a positive “human right” is that, for it to be real, somebody must have a duty to provide that right. IOW. somebody has to pay for it. That would be the taxpayers or the utility’s paying customers.

Most utilities have policies against shutting off electricity during extreme temperature events and they won’t shut off power to people who require life saving medical equipment. But as for energy efficiency upgrades — why is that the responsibility of the electric company? Or, for that matter, of government? As for “helping struggling customers pay their bills — again, who pays?

Perhaps utilities could offer a “round up” program that encourages customers to donate to a fund to help low income people pay their bills. Or perhaps the NAACP could start a low income energy fund.

But many people find it difficult to pay all their bills yet manage to do so anyway. How fair is it to make these folks also pay to keep the current flowing to low income folks who can’t or wont pay their electric bills?

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