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There are numerous videos online of this riot. The so-called antifas were assaulting reporters, assaulting police officers. I saw a video of one antifa knocking down an officer with a pole. They dug up curbstones and used them as weapons. They carried hammers and hatchets which they used to break store windows and car windows. They turned over a police car and destroyed two limousines, burning one of them. Additionally, they smashed trash bins and newspaper boxes and built fires in the street.

At one point they massed into an organized group and charged the weaker of two police lines. Six police officers were injured and sent to the hospital.

Bottom line: The antifas are dangerous people. And they’ve been pulling this crap all over the US, usually to prevent someone they disagree with from speaking.

The basic purpose of government is to protect its citizens’ lives and property from criminals. It is the duty of government to get the antifas off the streets, and if felony rioting charges will do it, OK.

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