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This is pretty much BS. A mass of claims supported by a single unverifiable anecdote.

The French government muscled Facebook into shutting down 30,000 pro Le Pen sites. They also sent two ballots to French living overseas, made a lot of noise about prosecuting Le Pen, staged a police raid on her campaign headquarters. Eventually, one her headquarters was torched.

IOW, the claim that the Russians are behind Le Pen’s support has to be taken with a grain of salt. And, while you have the salt shaker at hand, do you believe the claim being floated in the European media that “the Russians” have organized Muslim migrants to stage sexual assaults in order to hurt Merkel’s election chances?

Or that “the Russians” engineered the Brexit referendum victory?

Russia apparently has a large criminal hacker community that exists despite the government. And there are such things as VPNs, which can make it look like your IP address is in some other country. Not to mention, American intelligence agencies have software that allows them to lay down a hacker trail that can lead to anyone, so they can hack and blame anybody they wish.

It is now known that the Clinton campaign came up with the “blame the Russians” strategy within 24 hours after her loss. And it is working so well at destabilizing the Trump administration that European corporatist politicians are copying it.

The longer Democrats can be tied up gleefully “catapulting the propaganda” about the Russians “hacking our election,” the longer they can keep people asking why they aren’t fighting for single payer healthcare, or effective measures to deal with global warming.

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