Revolutionary War Call!?

“ Trump wants to register one group of people in a data base, then he has to register all Americans with their religion in a system.”

Dude, where have you been since, say, 2006? You’re already in a database — probably several. Have you ever heard of the NSA? the Department of Homeland Security? The no-fly list? The terrorist watchlist?

Have you ever heard of the Alien Registration Number? What do you think that aliens — including Muslims — are registering for? Hint: Whatever it is, it’s in a database.

It’s amusing how the left and the Dems have taken things that are going on already and presenting them as something new and radical when Trump mentions them.

The border wall? They’ve been building it since 2006. 700 miles are already done. If you search YouTube, you can find videos of Hillary Clinton boasting about voting for it “several times.”

But Trump is “literally Hitler” because he supports something that’s already going on?

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