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Where did TP get the idea that British journalist and provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos is a “white nationalist?” That is a complete lie. In fact, Yiannopoulos is a gay man who prefers black sex partners.

And how is Gab a “white nationalist social media platform?”

Gab’s distinguishing feature is that, unlike Twitter, it is not censored. Twitter, remember, has been accused of censoring the Wikileaks DNC releases, has suspended the accounts of prominent alt. right and (non-alt.right) conservatives, cooperates with censorship efforts in other countries, and has appointed a “Trust and Safety Council” which is packed with anti-free speech groups such as “Feminist Frequency.”

People who don’t want to deal with Twitter monitoring and censorship are moving to Gab, a platform that promises no censorship. As Gab is still in beta and has a 2 week waiting list to join. it’s too early to say what it will be like.

Apparently, having called everyone who disagrees with you a racist plus some kind of “phobe”, the terms no longer have meaning so the new left wing term of abuse is “white nationalist.”

Ironically, you guys don’t seem to have a problem with black nationalists, which are the same thing.

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