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“White nationalist” seems to be the new SJW term for “racist,” which they formerly used to mean “somebody we don’t agree with.”

A quick look at the Wikipedia article on white nationalism will demonstrate pretty convincingly that Steve Bannon isn’t one. He himself says that he is an economic nationalist, meaning that US economic and foreign policy should be aimed so as to primarily benefit the US rather than foreign countries.

The SJW left has rendered the term “racist” meaningless, what with “systemic/institutional racism,” meaning “we can’t show that any particular person is racist, but society is.” Or “implicit bias,” meaning “you’re racist, but you just don’t know it.”

While providing a good living for “diversity consultants” and other species of race baiters, such expansions of the term”racist” have rendered the term meaningless and the people who use it subject to ridicule.

“White nationalism” as a pejorative is well on its way to the same fate. Sites like Think Progress” and “Huffington Post” use the term in such a way that it is meaningless.

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