• Here is the story of my accident: In February 2008 I was 24 and suffered a TBI while longboarding without a helmet in Snow Canyon, just outside of St. George, Utah. I don’t remember how exactly it happened. I don’t know if I fell and hit my head or if a car hit me or what. I was with some friends but I was a ways ahead of them around a bend. @joshfstone So by the time they came around the bend they found me unconscious on the road bleeding from both ears. I was life-flighted to SLC.
  • I was in a medically induced coma for 2 weeks but they couldn’t get me out of the coma for another 4 weeks. The doctors told my family that I wouldn’t make it, and that if by some small chance I did come to I would probably be in a vegetable-like state for the rest of my life. But through faith, prayer, fasting, and priesthood blessings I made it!
  • When I woke up I was completely paralyzed. I couldn’t walk, talk, or move. Mentally I was aware of my surroundings but I had no way of communicating. Eventually I learned to communicate through blinking once for yes and twice for no. I had to relearn how to do EVERYTHING. Fast forward a few months — I was discharged from the hospital and I decided to go to college at Utah Valley University. I graduated with my BA in Psychology in just 2 years and then started a Masters program at Westminster College.
  • I still suffer from side effects of the brain injury, especially physically. I don’t have muscle control of my left leg so I kind of drag it when I walk. I’m unable to jump, run, and do most physical activities I used to love. My balance and coordination still give me trouble, so I have falls from time to time.
  • I had so much support from so many family members and friends! I am eternally grateful for that! We witnessed many miracles along the way and still do! Now I’m married to the most amazing and gorgeous wife and we have 2 little girls who are so darn cute and sweet! God has blessed me more than I deserve!
  • More details and description of the miracles to come in later posts. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions. I am an open book. If you knew me when I had my accident please comment your thoughts when you first heard what happened.