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OK Stewie, let me educate you and millions of other uneducated people like you, on both sides of the aisle.

The Confederacy had 5 flags during its existence, the first of which was the Georgia flag. Over the years the Confederate Congress continued to vote on updates. By the fourth iteration the flag consisted of 3 or 4 wide red and white stripes with a modified Union Jack (the flag of the UK) in the upper left corner.

During the early months of 1865, with the war surely lost, they voted on the final flag — the one you know of today as the Confederate Flag, with was the altered but plagiarized Union Jack from Britain. The Confederate Congress voted to approve the flag during the first week of March, 1865. There are arguments that the newest flag was ever even flown over a battle field, although it was the one surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse and other surrender sites.

Speculation about the South’s true intention in using the flag will persist. Were they hoping Britain would step in for their cause?

On another note, if you and your fellow Virginians find your only self-worth in a faux flag, then you truly are not worthy of the space you take up on planet earth. Please hold your breath and save it for the sane people.

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