4 Qualities Recruiters Look For In a Candidate

The job market nowadays is very competitive. There are several candidates vying for the same job profile with similar qualifications and work experience. To remain competitive and be one of those candidates sought after by most Dallas employment services, here are a few skills that will give you an edge over others. These skills are not specific to a job profile and are desired by every recruiter. Read this blog post to know which of the four skills can help you remain one-step ahead of your competitors in the job market. Read on.

1. Excellent Communication

Excellent communication skill is a prerequisite of any job profile as when working in an organization you’re required to communicate with different people at different levels. Recruiters judge candidates on both written and verbal communication skills as their profile may require them to communicate through e-mails to their seniors or clients. The resume and cover letter of the candidates, therefore, must be well segmented, presentable, concise, and error free. During the interview, the candidates must answer questions in clear and logical sequence.

2. Technical Proficiency

Technical proficiency is a mandate to find a job in the market as most of the work is done on computers. In addition to qualifications and soft skills, technical proficiency can also increase your chances of employability, significantly. Irrespective of your job profile, candidates must have the basic information of at least some computer applications such as MS Office. Employees should also have the knowledge of using internet and sending and receiving emails.

3. Interpersonal Skills

Working in a team requires you to be in sync with your teammates and other people from different departments. Candidates especially applying for a management position need to coordinate with various departments within the project. Irrespective of your job profile, recruiters also for candidates that are a good team player. The prospective employees must be comfortable to work in a group as this ensures productivity and positive working environment.

4. Effective Presentation

Effective presentation of information is yet another key skill that recruiters look for in their prospective employees. In almost every sector, it is important for employees to have effective presentation skills. Whether you’re an executive, administrator, or manager, you must present you ideas, thought, or any information, clearly and effectively. As you move up the ladder in an organization, this skill becomes a mandate as at some point you’ll be required to present your ideas or work to your college, seniors and clients through presentations. Presentation not only includes PowerPoint presentations but also notes, spreadsheets, reports, business plans, and other things.


These are some of the basic skills that every recruiter looks for in a candidate. Irrespective of your job profile or your position in an organization, these skills are universal and help you do your job efficiently. These skills are practical and transferable, which also determines their ability to easily adapt in any working environment. Some of the other skills that most permanent and temporary agencies look for include problem solving skills, organizational skills, and creative skills.

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