4 Tips to Help you Find a Job During a Recession

Job hunting during a recession can be a painfully long process. Most organizations are on a cost-cutting spree and busy getting rid of “extra baggage”. You can seek the assistance of recruiting agencies during these lean times to land a job offer. That said, desperate times call for desperate measures, and apart from availing Dallas employment services or those in your jurisdiction, you also need to revamp your strategy. Scroll down to learn steps you can take to better your chances of landing that otherwise elusive job offer during tough times.

1. Focus on high growth industries

Target industries with high growth rates such as business consulting, IT, healthcare, education, and legal. Organizations operating in these verticals need manpower to steer them towards their growth goals. Rather than applying for all job opportunities that come your way, identify anywhere between 5 to 15 companies that have branches in your location. Doing so will give you more time to research about the organizations, and be in a better position to answer interview questions.

2. Use your resume to highlight achievements

Corporates hit hard by recession are forced to opt for leaner organization structures to survive. Most companies, therefore, opt for consultation services that are more affordable as compared to hiring and maintaining full-time employees. To compete with these professionals, you need to establish your authority as a subject matter expert. Use your resume and cover letters to highlight your achievements in past organizations and to communicate to the employer how you are an asset to the organization.

Tip: To better your chances, highlight those skills/qualities that the organization is looking for.

3. Don’t hesitate to take up a temporary position

Many organizations look for temporary employees during recessions to cut costs. You can take up such an opportunity if and when it comes across. Many times, the management converts temporary profiles into permanent positions if the employee’s performance exceeds expectations. Pursuing a temporary opportunity can therefore, be a doorway to a permanent position if you’re willing to work hard.

4. Make full use of your network

The benefits of using your network to explore job opportunities can never be overemphasized, especially when you’re job hunting in lean seasons. Give a shout out to friends, ex-colleagues, relatives, and other acquaintances to let them know you’re looking for a job. Many organizations prefer hiring internally rather than inviting external applications. Getting referred by an acquaintance working in such an organization betters your chances of landing an offer.


Apart from following the above steps, you also need to stay positive and patient. The US economy generates around 3 million jobs every month, therefore, chances of landing one are good if you play your game right. Moreover, the employment rate will always exceed the unemployment percentage, which means opportunities exist even during lean times. All you need to do to hit a bull’s eye is modify your strategy according to market conditions.