Dallas Technologies Fees || “Career prospects of Hadoop”

Hadoop is amongst the most popular big data tools. Reason is; its open source platform that has a flexible framework ensuring the ease of handling multiple data sources. The applications of Hadoop include the processing and managing of data as well as ensuring its maintenance and error-handling.

Developing skills in Hadoop could prove to be of great advantage due to its efficiency in ensuring data security. Many organizations are influenced by Big Data and looking to implement them, if not already. This has also resulted in an increased demand of professionals who are well versed in this big data technology. Even the IT professionals who have knowledge need to keep themselves updated with the latest trends in Hadoop and Big Data technologies to progress in their career.

India itself boasts of great career prospects in Hadoop. Hence people who are planning to make career in it should go ahead. Research shows that big data market has witnessed a continuous surge which is expected to increase the revenue by 32% a year. Aside of technology, the service market also predicts 27% annual growth rate. Several top organizations are hiring Hadoop developers for the management of big data in their companies. The job market is very profitable and promising for these professionals. Thus, it can always be said that Hadoop is on the rise.

In coming time, firms like EMC, ORACLE, IBM and CAPGEMINI are planning to hire big data professional for various roles in their organizations. Hence, the individuals who are planning to pursue Hadoop training have good career opportunities ahead.

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