Automated Testing, It’s Worth the Cost. # Dallas Technologies

Automated test is a script that simulates user interaction with the application, the purpose of which — the localization of errors in the software.

Software must be tested to have confidence that it will work as it should in its intended environment. Software testing needs to be effective at finding any defects which are there, but it should also be efficient, performing the tests as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Automated testing extends the capabilities of testing team, increasing the efficiency of their work in quality control of the software product under test.

Reduce Efforts with Automated Testing: Automating software testing can emphatically decrease the effort required for sufficient testing, or emphatically increment the testing which can be done in limited time. Automated tests can be executed in minutes that would take hours to execute them manually.

Many examples show how different companies have been able to automate testing, some saving significant amounts of money. Savings as high as 80% of manual testing effort have been attained. Some companies have not economize money or effort directly but their automation of testing has enabled them to output better quality software code more quickly than would have been possible by manual testing alone

A reliable test automation schedule will permit testing at the ‘click on a button’ with tests run all night when machines would otherwise be out of service.

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