White People Are A Little Too Damn Happy About Trevor Noah vs. Tomi Lahren
David Dennis, Jr.

Thank you! At the tail end of my philosophy meetup I discovered that 2 attendees who I’d never met but had been to prior meetups were alt-right. We had been discussing their anti-feminist beliefs when they used the term cuck and on our way out the door I pointed out that it was associated with alt-right. One guy said “I am alt-right” and then the organizer said he suspected as much. Then, he implored that we all come back next time and then he stayed and kept chatting with them outside of the now-closed coffee shop. I wondered whether he was inquiring about and challenging any racist beliefs they may have or if he just enjoyed his ability to have friends from different walks of life. He even steared the conversation away from why one guy voted for Trump and said something about “what you may think of Trump supporters). IE… he wanted to protect the guy from removing all doubt that he was racist. After reading this I emailed him about getting coffee so I can find out what he’s thinking. I’m open to continuing dialogue and respecting different viewpoints but when it comes to racism, sexism, etc… it’s not just conceptual. Lives are on the line and any leader of a philosophy group should take his ethical responsibilities seriously. This also points to a need for diverse leadership — all the athiesm/skeptics/philosophy groups I’ve ever belonged to in 2 states have been white male lead.

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