Before we begin, I know I am a bit behind on the today's topics, I just needed some inspiration for today's article and I just searched up some memes and Pepsi came up, so cut me some slack, okay? Be warned, some of the content in this article may be found as offensive to some viewers.

Where can I begin… Pepsi you have been caught in the media’s web for quite a few years now, but not for the right reasons. From controversial ingredients in PepsiCo products, to draining water from needy towns in India by building factories, but now, the controversy goes to the great old Untied States of America, with Kendall Jenner staring in a Pepsi Commercial depicting a protest being solved with, a blue can of Pepsi obviously.

Apparently, a Pepsi can solve all our problems. So, just a scenario, Trump could just mail a Pepsi to Syria and solve all their problems? I don’t think so. I question the legitimacy and integrity of the PepsiCo company for letting this commercial even leave the drawing board.

What do you think is going to be the next controversial thing from PepsiCo? A commercial showing bombs filled with Pepsi explode and everybody is happy?

Political Cartoon of the Article

I know most of my cartoons are about Trump, but eh, hes the topic of the country now.