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How I have lost over 100 pounds and don’t know how

Experimenting to a better life

I have lost more than 100 pounds since last September. I have many mixed…

The new tools blending art and code; Because, Joe Hewitt

It has been fantastic to see Joe Hewitt (Firefox, Firebug, Facebook iOS, etc fame) speaking in public again after a period where he has been getting back to Earth through gardening, but also still spending time at the keyboard. If a programmer is typing code, yet doesn’t publish it, does it exist?

The backend does play a major role indeed. One common mistake with client apps is thinking that because microservices you should have the client being very chatty to various backends vs. having the server aggregate and cache.

The point though is that this aggregation doesn’t need to be a full server rendered app, it could be as a JSON API etc.

My last day at Walmart Labs; Getting comfortable with the Unknown

Today is my last day at Walmart Labs and the last 4 1/2 years have been a fantastic ride. As it comes to the end it…

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Is it time to go SPA only? Did Google-bot put a nail in the server rendered coffin?

Four and a half years ago we set about building a conditional tier rendering engine. The timing…

Would you go see a full stack doctor?

iOS background syncing with push still slacking

The best mobile experiences often involve someone getting something done quickly. Waiting sucks.

The Imitation of the Greatest Game

I am embarrassed to note that it took me far too long to get in front of “The Imitation Game”. As Vinnie Jones would say: “It‘s been emotional”, and I…

Your customers shouldn’t have to be concerned with the details of their Internet connection

Getting a reliable fast connection is probably the number one feature I want in iOS 9. As Apple has shown with their highlighting of problems that you didn’t know that you had (e.g. the way that you type due to the spring machinery on your laptop), they love to go into the details to…

Howzat! Learnings from the sport of cricket and how they relate to technology

Funny story. My PR team reached out with a fun request to answer questions on the great game of…