Thanks for writing!
Owen Campbell-Moore

I agree that the friction isn’t equal on mobile, and that other foundational features are more universal.

However, I do think that there is room for innovation around the somewhat messy world that is:

  • Pinned tabs
  • Dragging tabs out to be single tab windows
  • “Fluid” wrappers to more full features Electron apps
  • Chrome apps

For the web apps that I want to engage with I want to be able to Command-Space LAUNCH. I want to be able to Alt-Tab to them (The hangouts Chrome app drives me batty here…. the implementation is so bad that it gets in the way… sometimes it feels like it is part of Chrome and sometimes it isn’t).

And there is the app store piece, where I may want to discover some experiences from the Mac or Windows App Store.

I would love to see some UX/prototyping here….. e.g. I grab a tab and rip it off and I have a way for it to become less “Chrome with one tab” and more customized for that experience where I can make it live as its own app.

There is complex UX here though so I could be totally wrong!