“Add to Homescreen” was available first on iOS since probably 2008.
Maximiliano Firtman

I think you have hit on some good points. We totally aren’t there yet and I see both: a) the primitives (SW et al) but also the actual bindings to the platform and browser UI.

We need to do a much better job here and I hope other browsers try new things as well as Chrome innovating. If we don’t get it right it becomes yet another type of uncanny valley.

Users know how a browser works and what to expect.

Users know how to get apps from a store and what to expect there.

We are in an interesting time where these world’s are merging a lil but it is easy to get it wrong and to a point where users don’t get it at all.

There is also still a need for the bridge to native escape hatch (phone gap etc) for certain use cases.

Interesting times :)