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tl;dr We need your help to improve the collective Web Vitals. We are putting as much weight as we can behind these vital metrics across our tooling, guidance, and much more.

NOTE: This was originally posted on my own corner of the Internet.

I am really excited to see the introduction of the Web Vitals program today. The web community has seen the maturation of web performance metrics over the years, and this program brings clarity around the “unified guidance for quality signals that, we believe, are essential to delivering a great user experience on the web.”

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How are you vitals?

We want to be able to give you the best possible metrics that you can use to measure your user experience and how it maps to your business. The set of core web vitals is a great step in showing measures that tie well to the initial steps of a web journey: do your users perceive a fast load? can they interact with it? is it stable, or jumping around? …


Dion Almaer

Google Developers; Karaoke Ready

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