Dignity, inclusion and accessibility when designing services for people; my research starts here

Hey real world out there I need you!

At Hyper Island I’ve immersed myself in mountains of post-its and experience design through learning and practicing creativity, design thinking and doing, design research, business transformation whilst jumping all around the double diamond.

I’ve came to the point in my master studies where I think about what’s after Hyper, where’s next in the real world; being more specific in July I’ll start my four months Industry Research Project (IRP). At the moment I’m exploring the big themes that I feel passionate about and reaching out to you to help me to define my project to impact people’s lives.

Scrolling down you’ll discover what I want to explore and why, where I’d like to do it and with whom I’d love to talk to.

The main themes I’m interested in are accessibility, inclusion and dignity (I know they’re huge at this stage). I feel strongly to design for people who are least privileged and often find themselves excluded from human centred design products and services. (My assumption it is because either the service provider is a very traditional hierarchy minded institution or simply their demographic is not big or exciting enough for the Silicon Valley that is obsessed with the tech savvy Millennials.)

For my research I would love to look at for example;

how might we design digital services for older people that they find as easy to use as reading a newspaper?


how might we design social services that would feel welcoming, supporting and cool like browsing in an Apple store and using their devices?

When I look at people I see potential and I think there’s an opportunity to building a better society by creating inclusive services that puts people into it’s heart so they feel a valued for who they are regardless of their circumstances.

I’d like to work on these themes because I want to:

Break assumptions and stigmas to build communities in which there’s empathy and acceptance of diversity.

Make seamless human centred experiences (process) a RIGHT not an exclusivity of tech savvy privileged people.

Make inclusivity a norm and the first thing designers consider when creating new product or service, not an add-on.

Ideally in the UK in collaboration with a service, experience, innovation studio or within an organisation.

Some stuff that keeps me thinking and not quite know how to phrase it so please bear with me on this.

I’m looking for:

People to talk to. 
I’m looking for individuals who share my passion for this subject and can share more about who’s doing what and why in inclusivity.

Suggestions on population. 
A specific group of people who are the most underserved and vulnerable so my four months research project will make a real impact in their lives.

Suggestions on problem areas.
What are the problems that need solving?

What’s next:

Narrow down these huge areas to find a real problem that in my project I can look deeply to find a solution for.

I’m looking forward to start the conversation with people and reaching out to organisations and studios who are just as excited to work together on this research as I am.

If you can help me with any of the actions above please email me at 
dalmoca at gmail dot com


People I might talk to and people I might work with.