2022|Minimalism: Low-Buy Year

Why am I doing this challenge?

New year resolutions helped us to identify the things we want to achieve or improve. Before the new year, I was decluttering my wardrobe and found out that lots of clothes, accessories and deco I don't use anymore. It brought me back to the memories when I was a kid and my parents always gave the clothes that I don’t wear anymore to kids with more needs. The same was with books, toys and electronics. In that sense, it was such a sustainable way of living within the society. The current time clearly shows that more and more people constantly make expenditures on the things they don’t need, develop anxiety, cannot control their budget, are occupied with lots of sophisticated thoughts and lose their priorities. In 2022 we started to work on spending less money and organizing the budget in our family.

How to be ready for that:

  1. Study your habits. You need to get the information on what you like to spend money on the most. Check-in your card payments and track your expenditures.
  2. Calm down from these temptations: unfollow online shops, favourite brands, cancel your subscriptions.

Of course, I don’t go so extreme! Otherwise, it would be such a big change, and maybe my mind would not like it at all. So, I decided to avoid buying clothes from mass-market brands (i.e. Zara, H&M, Mango etc.), as the prices look affordable and attractive. Instead, I switched my focus on high-quality brands (i.e. Ralph Lauren, Escada, Prada etc.), where the clothes do cost much more, but you can wear them for decades! Personally, it means, I will go shopping only a few times per year. Also, I would like to be more sustainable this year. Therefore, I minimized my shopping day to malls and instead I go to second-hand stores. In fact, you can find more interesting things there!

Another good tip is to avoid buying things immediately: give yourself a couple of days to think about the purchase. For example, I ask myself if I really need these clothes, if this colour really suits me, or if the fabric is of good quality and can serve for years and etc. These questions help me to make my choice. If someone had already bought your favourite jeans before you decided, then that person needed them more (this is my simple philosophy for now).

And, one more thing! For winter seasons I have started to make (slowly) my own clothes. For example, I could knit my own couple of cosy white socks while I was watching my favourite sitcom. It was fun to learn (as I have never done it before) and very useful (I always feel cold in 🇩🇪 !).

Set up your saving amount and keep the track of finances

Some people use the expenditure diary, but I had decided to use a digital journal and keep it on my phone. I used it before for buying my grocery (as I wanted to see how sustainable I can become by buying what we need only) and this app is pretty simple to use. It has a nice interface with different groups of purchases and it calculated the expenses for each day, week, month and year! Recommend to everyone!

First tips to enjoy this experience:

The best part of it is saving money! Hey, you can buy something bigger or invest in smth more significant (stock shares, a car, an apartment, a house). By using your finances wisely you will notice how sustainable you are! And fewer clothes — less mess, which means more time you have for yourself! Use this chance to do self-care: take a bath, enjoy a nice playlist, do a yoga course or read a book. Finally, you will feel yourself being more organized than before, without trying so hard, but just living a simple life!




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