Hold DLT,Get KNC Airdrop Reward

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Oct 30 · 2 min read

[Event Details]

Use DLT TOOL DApp, Freeze over 1000DLT. We will randomly select 15 people , Reward 5KNC/person.(The number of DLT freezes can be accumulated)



The KNC bonus will be automatically issued to the winner’s ETH wallet address address that you used when freezing the DLT on Nov 4th.

[Participation Steps]
1, Make sure download the latest version of the Dalong Wallet

2, Holding DLT
How to get DLT ?

-Buy DLT through EtherFlyer Exchange (Click to buy DLT

-In-app free DL through daily tasks, withdraw DL into DLT (Details:DLT Incentive Plan)

3, Freeze DLT (tutorial)
Note: There is no charge for freezing/unfreezing the DLT, so the pop-up shows 0ETH,But it costs a small amount of gas fee.So make sure the ETH wallet has a balance.

Note: ETH Wallet imported/created in non-Dalong Wallet, and malicious robots are not eligible for the award.

Event time: Oct 30th — Nov 3th
Reward time: Nov 4th

[About DLT]
DLT is the proof of rights based on ERC20 and is the token of Dalong Wallet. As the functional token of value circulation in the Dalong Eco, there are many uses such as cosumption circulation, community incentives, equity proof, ecological co-construction, and investment realization.

Official Website:https://dalong.com/dlcoin

[About KNC]
Kyber Network Crystal (KNC) is an ERC-20 token and an integral part of Kyber Network. It is the glue that connects different participants in the Kyber Network ecosystem, including both liquidity contributors and the different entities that leverage on the liquidity network.

Official Website:https://kyber.network/about/knc

[Twitter Event]

We will randomly select 5 people , Reward 10KNC/person on Nov 4th.

Follow Twitter @dalong_wallet

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The final interpretation of this event belongs to Dalong Wallet!

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