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Dec 13, 2018 · 5 min read

Welcome to Dalong Wallet. Recently, there have been many user ask question about DL Token, I hope this article can solve everyone’s doubts about DL.

Question 1: What is DL Token (DL)?

Dalong Wallet is dedicated to exploring the value of the blockchain, and we focus on all areas that contribute to the flow of digital assets. We provide Instant exchange network services, allowing users to quickly and easily realize cross-chain exchange of assets on the chain with full asset ownership.We also provide a number of high-quality DApp to improve and accelerate the construction of the entire DApp ecosystem, allowing more value to flow. We encourage everyone to use Dalong wallet. We believe that the value created by Dalong Wallet will benefit from the use and support of every Dalong user. We are willing to reward the platform’s revenue as a reward to our users. Therefore, DL Token came into being.

Note:The DL withdrawal DLT ratio is adjusted to 1:2 .

DLT is the official token of DaLong Wallet. It is the proof of the user’s rights and interests as the DaLong Ecology contributor, accompanied by sustained repurchase and destruction. The DLT holders can obtain various special rights within the DaLong Ecology.

  • Functional Rights
  • Platform revenue feedback
  • Instant exchange fee reduction
  • Currency incentives and community voting

You can also choose to trade with other tokens on the EtherFlyer exchange.In the future, we will list more exchanges.

Ways to get DL include but are not limited to:(Daily Task)

  1. Complete daily check-in (+1 DL).
  2. Invite Friends (+1DL).

3. Share App (+1DL).

4. Use Instant Exchange((+3DL)Go to the [Finance] page and complete the first daily Instant Exchange task regardless of the transaction amount.You can receive 3DL)

5. Add Inviter (+1DL).

Freeze DLT can enjoy the Instant Exchange fee reduction benefits in Dalong Wallet, the Instant Exchange gradient fee specific rules are as follows:

(Daily DLT freezes take a random snapshot of the previous day’s DLT)

Freeze DLT Tutorial in Dalong Wallet by DLT TOOL DApp

Note: There is no charge for freezing/unfreezing the DLT, so the pop-up shows 0ETH, but it costs miners’fees.

Question 2: How to participate in obtaining DL?

You must have a digital asset wallet in the Dalong Wallet app. You can import an existing wallet or create a brand new wallet. (Create/Import Wallet Tutorial

Participate in the DL Daily Task. You can click on “Daily Tasks” on the “Profile” page of the application to jump to the “My DL” page (as shown below), where you can get the DL by completing the task content as required. The task is refreshed every day at zero (UTC+8), remember to participate every day.

Question 3: How to transfer or withdraw DL?

Dalong Wallet has opened the function of DL withdrawal to DLT. Please update the latest version of Dalong Wallet to use this feature.The DL withdrawal DLT ratio is adjusted to 1:2 .

Withdraw at My DL page

Please go to my DL page to initiate a withdrawal request. After the successful launch, the DL to DLT conversion will be completed within 24 hours. After the withdrawal is successful, your wallet will receive the corresponding amount of DLT (at this time your DL amount will be reduced to 0, but it will not affect your ranking in DL Pool). There are a few things to note about the DL withdrawal operation:

  1. DLT is ERC20 token, so you must have an ETH address to collect the DLT, fill in the ETH address you want to withdraw in the DL withdrawal request to complete the withdrawal operation.
ETH address is needed to withdraw

2. DL withdrawal only supports full withdrawal, so after you initiate the DL withdrawal request, all your current DL will be withdrawn as DLT.

3. After the DL withdrawal request is initiated, the DLT will arrive within 24 hours. Please be patient. Your DLT arrivals can be viewed on the homepage of your wallet.

The value of DLT ICO is $0.0085/DLT and wallet home page will display the total value of DLT at this price, but it does not represent the final price of the exchange. This value is for reference only. All prices are based on the market price after the DLT listed exchange.

4. To avoid malicious behavior, the minimum withdrawal amount of DL is 100.

If you have any problems with the withdrawal, please contact us .

Question 4: What is difference between DL and DLT?

The DL is a token collected within the application and is bound to any type of wallet address (such as ETH/TRX/EOS). DLT is an ERC20 decentralized token issued on ETH that can only be bound to an ETH address. After the DL pool is full and the DL withdrawal is open, the user can choose to convert the DL to a DLT at a 1 to 4 exchange rate. Airdrop DLT is not the only way we can provide DLT to users. Dalong Wallet hopes that users will get more benefits in the process of using Dalong wallet. The existence of DL is to serve DLT in real time and convenient for users.

Question 5: Where to trade DLT?


DLT is officially listed on EtherFlyer exchange on Sep 20th. You can trade DLT at EtherFlyer. We will be launching more exchanges in the future. Stay tuned!

Trade DLT within the app

[Discovery]page, “Exchange” list

Trade DLT within the app

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