Biomedia. What is it?

I know for me I originally thought biomedia were things. like cyborgs or bionic parts like the arm Will Smith had in iRobot. In the articles we read for this week, we experienced two definitions and looked at several different examples of biomedia. Salem and Bassaganyes define biomedia as basically living things being used as communication. In the second reading, Thacker defines biomedia, I am paraphrasing here, computation is both technological and biological.

In class we discussed examples of biomedia that are not usually considered biomedia like the constant glucose monitor and I wanted to used my reflection to a quick survey of biomedia products or examples of biomedia in tv and movies that we see often but are unlikely to realize that they are biomedia.

Example 1: Two “internetainer”, Rhett and Link, (their term) playing a game with their brain waves. It is essentially biomedia pong. (skip to 0:40)

Example 2: A teaser clip from Orphan Black where one of the main character after losing an eye in a strange accident gets a mechanical eye as replacement.

In a recent episode one the character Beth gets a crass introduction to neoevolution (this tv universes’ biomedia,( but a little to the extreme) , but I could not find a specific clip.

Example 3: Will Smith’s robot arm, the arm he got after being in a car crash. In this universe organ donors a signing agree to donate their organs when dead and allow biomedia testing.

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