Observations by a PC User

All the articles work well together to serve as a survey of the evolution of computer from the 1930s to late 1990s, especially its uses and how it interaction with humans changed.The first article mainly explains it primarily military functions and the later detail its integration into the business sector and then the homes of everyday consumers.

I found that Firmin’s and Simon’s article in particular work very well of each other. In Firmin’s article he addresses pretensions associated with Mac users, and one of those is the social stigma surround Mac user. One the adjectives the user used to describe how they feel about themselves when using a Mac was “artsy” and “cool”.Simon’s article, it is discussed how Mac are more visually pleasing and blend into their surroundings and the modification consumers make to their laptops and desktops.

The highlight of the Simon reading was making one’s computer an accessory or a focal point of the eyes in the room. His emphasis on this, made me think about how people decorate their laptop, in particular college kids. I personally have never come across a college kid or anyone in general who has an extreme case mods usually seen among advanced pc users and gamers. Most people I know have decorative laptop cases, and keyboard inserts. And, of course stickers! But, around campus I have noticed a trend: Mac users (at least a majority of them) never put stickers over the apple logo on the back of their laptop and if they do, they have one those plastic case so the sticker never gets a chance to ruin the logo with it sticky after residue. A lot Mac user I know sometimes only put stickers on their mac to cover up minor flaw from wear like scratches. In the images linked below you can see that Mac user make the effort to find or modify sticker so the work around the logo. It seems like they want themself and others to be able to identify that they use a Mac.




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