Ban! Ban! Ban! Let’s start to understand.

Throughout the last 1–2 years, banning immigration and deporting immigrants has been an issue debated by many influential political individuals. The issue has blown in so many different directions that it’s remarkably confusing. As a young person, my opinion on immigration and immigrants collectively can stand on one phrase. “If you can work for it, you can have it.”

Throughout my childhood, my mother has always told me, “You have to work for what you have.” As I have grown older, I find this phrase to hold more and more value. We aren’t the richest family, but we aren’t the poorest either. We have money, but I wouldn’t say I get everything I want. So in this case it comes down to the ideology that has been implanted into my brain by many authoritative figures. If I want something, I’ll most likely have to do something for something. If I want to take a trip, I’ll have to pick up some extra chores. If I want to have something tangible that isn’t a necessity, I need to use my economic knowledge to be able to save up enough money to get it. That’s just the way it works. That’s the way it’s always been.

So let’s get our story straight. Am I using a metaphor comparing my experience-based ideology to the topic of immigration? The answer to that is a yes. So how does this relate to the topic at all? Here’s how.

If a person of another country wants to come here, great! Regardless of which country it is, or what race you are, you deserve a chance. However, don’t take my kindness for weakness. In saying that I welcome you into this country, I want you to do something for me. Work to get your citizenship. I know that it can be difficult. They put what we American children learn in 12+ years into a process that can take less than 3 months. I understand totally that getting citizenship by taking that test of crammed knowledge can be difficult. But you know what that would show me as a citizen? You deserve to be here with me, in the land of the free.

You not only left everything you knew behind, you also did so much more. You took a test on knowledge that even as a freshman in high school, I still get confused on. That shows work, dedication, self-propelled self esteem, and so much more. You are awesome.

So what am I saying out of all of this? We need to give immigrants a chance. So many people want to argue that they come from countries we have/had conflicts with. This is a valid argument; however, does that mean they are automatically going to be a terrorist? No, it doesn’t. In addition, many people want to argue the topic of illegal immigrants. However, that takes back to my first topic. Since they don’t usually pay taxes, and they don’t have citizenship, they shouldn’t be here. However, you might be wondering, does that mean we through them all out? No, not that way. We need to take these people and help them get their citizenship. People say we have helped them already. That is true but these immigrants, all are human. We all make mistakes. So take off the labels. We are all people. We all need help sometimes, regardless of weather we want to admit it or not. So let’s help each other. Let’s stop dividing, and start uniting! Let’s get to work.