I am very interested in health related things because health career passionate me more than any other careers. I always wanted to be a dentist and still my hope and dream stand strong as always. Therefore, I want to do something that is related to health for my Final Digital Story telling. I am thinking about the things that I will do this semester that related with dentistry. I recently joined the Pre-Dental Program here at University of Minnesota. I believe that this program will help me create wonderful Digital Story because I will be meeting with students of different colors, culture, background, values, and different perspectives. In addition to that, there will be several current and graduate students who has depth understanding of dental school and path to dental school’s success and are willing to share their experience with someone like me and others. The way I am planning to get information is by interviewing these current and former students by either going to there office or during the Pre-Dental meeting. Also, I am will take pictures and videos for my Final Digital Story during meeting and interviewing. On top of that, I will track my day to day action that involves about dentistry. My initial research question is how my experience as a first generation student and student of color color similar to those who are in the same path as me. I know that I am not the only student of color or first generation student that is thinking about dentistry or participating in Pre-Dental Program, so it would be nice to see how our perspective toward dentistry similar or different. I hope to learn many things this semester about dentistry and create excellent Final Digital Story telling that can inspire others and even me at one point.

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