My first week as an apprentice

In this blog I am going to talk about my first week in the apprentice program in pernix and what learned through the process.


Today I start the apprenticeship program waiting to know what new things will learn and which of the ones learned in college will be useful and how to apply them in practice.
As soon as I arrived, I met my mentor who explains me a little bit more me about the company’s apprenticeship program from the benefits to the obligations that must be had as an apprentice. Something that really caught my attention was the way in which we work in the company, the atmosphere is very nice and you can notice that there is a lot of fellowship, something very curious is that every time someone comes to the office he greets all those who be at that moment.A way to start the day right at work and to gain more confidence among coworkers.

Then my mentor explained how to establish SMART objectives something that i had not used before.A form that greatly helps the distribution of time in an efficient way and also motivating since at the time of working and fulfilling a goal one feels great.At the same time it is necessary to establish the possible blocks or those already know that do not allow to achieve the objectives in such a way that the time to share this information in the work char group another coworkers who knows about the problem you have can help , something that encourages teamwork and the collaboration of all partners and how this help the company to improve.


Since yesterday i learned more and more about Pernix, for example SCRUM which is an agile methodology that only heard at the university but haven't put it into practice.Also Kanban and how can you manage a project to meet the deadline, and the way in which together with SCRUM increases the productivity and control of a project.
Also made some tutorials about git that is a tool that helps a lot collaborative work as it works to control versions of a project.
I learned how important it is to organize the way to work in a project and not overload the work and how important it is to go step by step forward in the project and be clear about the tasks to be done and how much it helps what helps to have an efficient work system.That increases the work efficiency.


Plus all the information that i read the last two day,Today i start watch a video called clean code where Uncle Bob explain how the code its supposed to be and the importance to use TDD and how its helps to make quality software,also the terrifying(but not impossible) that could be deal with a messy code and how to fix it. Pernix is focus on providing high quality software so the last video helps a lot to get an idea about make quality code thus quality software.During this week as an apprentice I had the opportunity to learn a lot about the operation of the company and good programming practices and it’s just the beginning from a long road.