Choose your own adventure.

First impression: You’re perfect already.

First date: You’re witty and fun, with the cutest smile I’ve seen today. By the time we go back to your place, I’m positive that you’re the most interesting person that I’ve ever met.

You sleep with me. You tell me it’s the best head you’ve ever head. I smile and we cuddle.

The next day: I can’t help but day dream. I want to introduce you to my friends. I tell them how great you are in bed. I tell them how we connected so well, and that I’m so excited to see you again. They’re excited for me, too.

CHOICE: (1) Second date
OR (2) Make nebulous plans and act disinterested.

If (1) Second date:

You’re witty, but it’s a little sarcastic. You haven’t told me that I’m pretty nearly enough. You do this weird thing with your mouth. You’re okay looking, I guess. Is it really normal to carry around a messenger bag? You want to see me again, is it because:
CHOICE: (A) You want to use me for sex.
OR (B) You’re genuinely interested in me.
If (A) or (B):
I’ve already lost interest and I feel used regardless. I’ll text you, and let you know that I’m not really feeling chemistry between us.

If (2) Make nebulous plans and act disinterested:

My friends hate you. I tell them that it’s okay, you don’t have to like me. I liked you a lot, and I thought you were different. I won’t be awkward the next time that I run into you, but I will be a little cold.
I’ll obsess over you for another week or two, but then I’ll meet this guy, and he’s just perfect…