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This is a simple idea to help founders of European startups save time and internal resources by supplying some useful templates, valuable resources and good examples.


Lets help Europe “Do More Faster”.

If you have an idea for a resource or would like to contribute to this page — please reach out.

Having lots of useful resources in one place & making them open source to early stage founders can only be a good thing for our ecosystem! Enjoy, I hope you find this helpful #GiveFirst


The Investor Section

  • Investors in Europe Map [v1.0] — by Techstars
  • Investors in Europe Google Sheet [v1.0] — by Techstars (400+ Investors)
  • A Collective of European VC Blogs — by Videesha Kunkulagunta, Redstone Digital

Tech Events Section

  • European Tech Events 2016 — by Stephan von Perger
  • Startup/Tech Events in 2016 — by Openers

The Pitch Deck

  • A Simple Pitch Deck [Template]—by Nicolas Wittenborn, Point Nine
  • The Perfect Investor Deck for Raising a Seed Round — by Alex Iskold, Techstars

Financial Modelling

  • Financial Modelling for Startups — by Robert Taylor, Origin.

Other Useful Resources

  • How to Start a Startup — by Sam Altman
  • Mentoring time slots with Techstars — Jump on a call with a Techstars Manager Director
  • Intercom on Customer Engagement — by
  • Startup City Guides — by Startus
  • Every Damn Imaginable Startup Podcast Reviewed — Ty Danco, Techstars Boston

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The Investor Section

Investors in Europe, 550 VCs +

Click to download from Dropbox

The Investors in Europe Map shows the number of VCs in each location by the size of the circles and the amount of capital raised by startups since 2014 by the colour of the circles.

We have identified 321 Seed Stage, 256 Series A and 111 Series B Investors in Europe. All of which can be seen below in our Investors in Europe Google Sheet.

Investors in Europe Google Sheet

A Techstars Resource

We’re building a useful Google Sheet of Investors who are actively investing in European startups. Currently we’ve got over 400+ investors listed.

You have permission to view and comment on this sheet. If we’re missing a credible investor from your locality, please do let us know. Jens Lapinski, MD of Techstars Berlin has put together a blog post on how to “How To Use The List” most effectively. It can be see here.

We’re getting the most up to date information from each investment firm by reaching out to them and double checking their information. This takes time but is best for having the most accurate info.

Below is a screen shot of what the sheet looks like. Click to bring you to the Google Sheet.

Click to get to the Investors Google Sheet.

A Collective of European VC Blogs

Raising money from VCs is all about having a good relationship with them. This is a partnership. It’s very important that you like your investors and they like you. You’re in it for the long haul.

What better way to get to know a VC than reading their blogs. Videesha Kunkulagunta from Redstone Digital has put together an awesome collection of European VC blogs. This is a great resource, especially if you have a meeting with one of the VCs featured. You can go into that meeting knowing exactly what they like to talk about.

Click the Screenshot below to view the list Videesha has put together.

Tech Events Section

European Tech Events 2016

by Stephan von Perger

Our good friend, Techstars Mentor and conference veteran Stephan von Perger has put together a list of European Tech events he has attended and gives his opinion on each one. This useful list can be found here. Stephan mentions that it’s “worth noting that attending events does not alone improve the chances for success.” — this is very good advice for new comers to the conference space.

Screen shot of Stephan’s Medium post

Another useful events list “Startup/Tech Events in 2016” by Openers

The Pitch Deck

A Simple Pitch Deck [Template]

A simple, yet solid pitch deck when reaching out to investors.

Point Nine have grown to be one of my favourite VCs in Europe. Their approach to investing, their presence, their portfolio and most importantly their Give First attitude to the overall ecosystem. They’ve put together some really great resources for founders to read and use. Most of which can be seen on their Medium page here.

One of their Principals Nicolas Wittenborn has put together a simple pitch deck template for you to use right away. It’s simple, it’s clean and it shows you all the right metrics that investors are looking to see in an early stage team. Enjoy.

Click the image below to jump right in.

The Perfect Investor Deck for Raising a Seed Round

Outlines on what should be in your investor deck

Techstars Blog Post from Alex Iskold MD of Techstars NYC on what should be in your investor pitch deck. Not just his own opinion on this but also from Nicole Glaros Chief Product Officer at Techstars and the other one from Steve Schlafman from RRE Ventures

Financial Modelling

Financial Modelling for Startups

Preventing you from imploding in front of investors

Ah yes, financial modelling — the part that ever startup loves!! Well, actually no — the part that investors love especially if your numbers are going in the right direction. This is something that I think stumps a lot of early stage companies. It’s not always what they are most passionate about but Financial Modelling is an important thing to get right from the start to help you set clear and measurable goals.

In this example that Rob Taylor has provided for us, we see a simple CAP Table template and financial modelling examples to help you forecast your companies cash flow.

Rob is a co-founder of a Techstars company Origin & was also an Associate with me in the the Techstars London Winter program in 2014.

Click the screenshot below to bring you to our Financial Modelling for Startups folder. Jump on in, make a copy of the sheets and save time using them!

Screenshot of CAP Table example

Other Useful Resources

How to Start a Startup

Everything we know about how to start a startup, for free, from some of the world experts.

A series of video lectures, initially given at Stanford in Fall 2014 by some of the worlds leading entreprenurs on the most fundamental areas around starting a startup. This was put together by Y-Combinator’s Sam Altman.

How to start a startup

Intercom on Customer Engagement

How to craft the right message for the right users at the right time

Disclosure: Intercom were one of my favourite companies in 2015 and will continue to win me over in 2016 -I’m almost sure of it. If you haven’t already check out their very useful blog Inside Intercom where they share really useful lessons that they’ve learned through building their own company.

Recently Intercom published their second book which is around Engaging your customers in a meaningful way. It can be downloaded in ePub, Mobi and PDF over here. It’s a must read, I found it super useful.

The book is authored by co-founder of Intercom Des Traynor, Techstars Berlin Mentor Ruairi Galavan & Managing Editor John Collins.

Intercom on Customer Engagements


Take a trip through the hottest startup cities in Europe.

This is a really good guide to the different cities around Europe with growing startup communities. While some cities have been left out *ahem Dublin* the cities it has covered have a detailed breakdown of the ecosystems events, meet-ups, co-working spaces, accelerators etc… It’s worth having a look if you’re going to a European city to run a meet up or want to get some inside knowledge on the ecosystem.

Screenshot of Startus Magazine

Every Damn Imaginable Startup Podcast Reviewed

A ranked list of 75 startup podcasts

Director at Techstars Boston, Ty Danco is a long distance commuter. To make the most of his time, he has been busy listening to a LOT of startup podcasts.

He has put together a ranked list of 75 podcasts for you to review and pick the right one for you to listen to.

Click the screenshot below to find the podcast that is right for you.

Thats all for now folks. I will be busy looking for some more useful resources and I will add it to the list.

As mentioned, if you’d like to contribute please do get in touch via email or twitter.



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