Selection Day at Techstars Berlin

Knock, knock, knock, open door. One minute left I said as well as facilitating the gesture by holding one finger up. The time keeper, a title I gave myself in a jokingly manner when talking to the startups and VCs at Selection Day for Techstars Berlin program.

Yesterday we had 20 face to face meetings (well 5 were over Skype coming from Vietnam, Israel, Italy and one other place that slips my mind right now) to whittle the top 20 down to the final 10 before making investment decisions and offers to join Techstars Berlin 2015. What an incredible bunch of amazing entrepreneurs, VCs and advisors we had join us in Taylor Wessings office for the day. (Big thank you to TW for hosting us.)

Myself and Jens have been working towards this day for a long time now. Initially we started with 820+ applications for Techstars Berlin program. That was quickly reduced down to the top 100 companies. Jens then spoke to the 100 companies, and brought that down to his top 40 before inviting Jon Bradford to come in and speak to them as well. Between the pair, they brought 20 amazing companies in to be interviewed by panels who added extra data points to the investment decision. This was incredible to observe. I was in the rooms with some of Europe’s greatest investors and decision makers. I got to see how they operate and how they think about investable teams and products. Its amazing what I’ve learned in the past two years. And even more amazing how much I’ve learned in the past 5 months. Big thanks again to Jon for bringing me on board in London and for the support with my move to Berlin.

I’m writing this in between a gap of calls that I’m making today, interviewing potential Associates for the Associate Program. The candidates for this have been an incredible bunch of entrepreneurs who no doubtably make me look unemployable (haha I wish I was messing!! — Lets hope Jens doesn’t see this). Amazing. The Associate Program is going to be so strong this year at Techstars Berlin. I’m super excited about getting to work with them.

I’m closing applications for the AP next week, if you know somebody who would be a great fit let them know and get them to apply here:

Over the next few days all the teams that have been successfully selected will be notified, offers will be made, deals will be done and we will be getting ready for a June 15th kick off of what is going to be a revolutionary period for the Accelerator space in Central Europe. The more time I spend in Berlin the more I fall in love with this city. Its the perfect city for a startup, its the perfect place for Techstars to be. I’m truly excited to see what we do over the next few years here.

Short and sweet is the way to keep it, until next time —