Circles — “28 to Make”

Charles Daly
Feb 8, 2019 · 2 min read

28 to make is a creativity challenge from CreativeLive. Participants create and share a quick sketch every day for 28 days. I’m doing the same but with words.

Each day in February, I’ll set a timer for 20 minutes and write a “sketch” inspired by the prompt for the day.

Day 8: Circles

Here are a few of my favorite circles.

The Barrel

Snell’s Window

Image for post
Image for post

A trick that light plays underwater making all the light above the surface appear to fit in a circle. It’s what I see looking up when I free dive.

The Enso

Image for post
Image for post

The symbol of Zen Buddhism, a single swift brushstroke expressing the present moment.

Watch Faces

“But I have the time on my phone,” You say…

Anyone who’s into watches knows that’s not the point.

Airplane Windows

Goggle Eyes and Goggle Tan Lines


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