Receipt — “28 to Make”

28 to make is a creativity challenge from CreativeLive. Participants create and share a quick sketch every day for 28 days. I’m doing the same but with words.

Each day in February, I’ll set a timer for 20 minutes and write a “sketch” inspired by the prompt for the day.

Day 5: Sketch a receipt.

What follows is a short list of things I would return if I had kept the receipt:

  • Every phone I’ve ever owned except the Motorola Razr I wish I still had.
  • My college education, except for random electives like “Picasso and Matisse” and “Japanese Religions.”
  • All the trips to the dentist where no cavities were found.
  • Every purchase I justified by saying “only in Japan.”
  • Most of the times I’ve paid a cover to get in.
  • Boat shoes. Who did I think I was?
  • My first tattoo.
  • Baggy jeans and board shorts.
  • Necklaces of any kind. Yes, I wore one of those scumbaggy silver chains in my youth.
  • Bad haircuts.
  • The food I buy at airports.
  • U2’s albums from 2000 on.
  • All those NOW CDs.
  • The Lacoste tracksuit top I bought with my first grown-up paycheck.