What’s in Your Bag? — “28 to Make”

Charles Daly
Feb 4, 2019 · 2 min read

28 to make is a creativity challenge from CreativeLive. Participants create and share a quick sketch every day for 28 days. I’m doing the same but with words.

Each day in February, I’ll set a timer for 20 minutes and write a “sketch” inspired by the prompt for the day.

Day 4: Sketch What’s in your bag.

The bag itself is an REI special edition of the 20-liter Osprey Daylite Plus. It’s the best little bag I’ve found after going through a closetful that didn’t work for me. I’ve managed to live out of it for a week once, but it’s the perfect size for a day-to-day bag. You don’t end up with a bunch of sagging empty pockets. Here’s what’s in it:

Image for post
Image for post

MacBook Air

Since 2013, this little aluminum beauty has remained within arms-reach at all times.

Yellow Legal Pad

Where everything gets outlined. I treat these like an analog second screen.

Leuchturm Notebook

I keep my whole life in a Bullet Journal. I end up going through one of these every two months. Since I’ve gotten off Facebook, this is where I do all my shit-talking.

Pencil Case

It’s bright orange so I can find it in a writing emergency.


Nothing cures you of a fetish for paperbacks like having to carry a duffel full of them while you travel.


Photography is new to me. I’ve been shooting 35mm film on a Minolta Freedom Zoom. But film is expensive…

I’m waiting for a Ricoh GR Digital IV in the mail. Both cameras were eBay finds. The Ricoh has a cult following for the film-like imperfections of its small sensor and modest 10 megapixels.

My favorite photographers are snapshot artists like Ren Hang and Juergen Teller. You don’t need the latest or priciest gear to imitate that style.

Charging Brick

The trick is remembering to charge the charger.


I put in earplugs while I’m working even when everything is quiet.



Serious First Aid

The outer pocket is full of stuff I hope I don’t ever have to use but know how to thanks to a Stop the Bleed class and other advanced first aid training. When I’m home in the States, I carry Narcan.

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