Giving everyone a voice

And how it would change the world

Today, everyone feels something is wrong with the way the world works. But people feel powerless to change the things around them. This is a sentiment we feel everywhere: In our schools, companies, cities, and even our country.

The average person is almost never given the opportunity to be heard. Moreover, when we are heard, we often fear the judgement of those around us.

Now, imagine there were a way to speak to your community anonymously, without worrying about the consequences. A digital suggestion box where everyone could speak their minds.

Now you will be able to:

  • Vote for new policies: Basic income, banning ads, government transparency,…
  • Bring new ideas to your company without fearing to be fired
  • Asking questions to your teacher freely
  • Expressing your feelings within your friend circle

This would have the potential to improve the lives of everyone in this planet.

So, this is what I’m building. You can see it as Secret but for every kind of community.

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