Are your parents divorce? If you answered yes do you know the reason why? Statistics experts try to pinpoint reasons as for why divorce has been on a steady incline. In this new era where technology is constantly transforming it can be the root of the 19th centuries marital problems. Having an account on a social media platform is not only a temptation for one to direct message the high school sweetheart but it’s also leaving virtual tracks of your infidelity to your partner. Signing up for a social media account is in recent years the same as signing divorce papers.

Are social media accounts the reason for recent divorces?

On a website called “truth about deception”, where individuals post anonymous stories about times where others have deceived them and revive advice of how to respond to the situations. One user posted how she caught her husband engaged in multiple sexaully erotic conversations with women. Before this evidence arose she thought her husband just had a low interest in sexual relations a complete opposite from his persona online. The marriage was steady and happy with a son and more to come, the downfall came because of stress and self esteem issues he couldn’t communicate with his wife. The users husband had communicated to women online his sexual fantasies that he kept to himself in fear of negative response from his wife. He pursued these fantasies with women he had met from the social media platform we know as Facebook.

Social media is a gateway potential infidelity

Since the 1980s divorce rates have been on a steady decline. It is a common household fact that currently divorce rate is up to around 50%. According to a survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers they discovered that of the 50% of marriages that end in divorce, Facebook or other platforms of social media where cited as evidence in 66% of those divorces in the United States. They have also found that more than 80 percent of divorce lawyers reported that since 2006 they “have seen an increase in the number of cases using social networking evidence”. Although it may seem surprising that a simple profile leads to so many divorces, and that many couples don’t get divorced at all infidelity online still correlates to poor marital quality. With ultimately in the long term oh the relationship will eventually lead the the path of divorce.

Divorce rates by percentage from 2000–2011

According to Maselli Warren attorney at law divorce rates have been increasing in the years because of couples getting married way too young they state. They think that couples who get married under the age of 25 are setting themselves up for divorce already. They have chosen the age 25 specifically because that’s when a person has substantial income and education, two things they believe go hand and hand in a healthy marriage. Now although that may be true it’s the young age of today’s married couples that prompt then to have social media. With being that young naive and impressionable it’s easy for them to fall into the manacles of an online pursuer.

Young marriages and social media cheating go hand in hand

Because the Internet can connect to almost anyone in the world it’s very easy for a person in a committed relationship to be tempted by the lure of possible new mates. While there are ways to get through the hurdle of infidelity in a marriage quite often the hurdle is too high and results in divorce. The steady increase in divorce rates as more platforms of social media become popular is why I recommend you and your spouse set guidelines for your activity online. These guidelines can possibly save you from the emotional turmoil that is divorce.

Social media is an unneeded temptation in a relationship

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