I’ve live in the twin cities area for the majority of my life. The hustle and bustle of the city is an everyday mundane concept that locals pay no mind to. With so many attractions and entertainment. activities spread around the area, has anyone ever wondered about the vast world of city transportation?

Many individuals like to be able to go to point A to point B with out interruption. I myself will fit in that category seeing as though i have my own car. In the first picture you can see me kicking my feet up to relax in a parking lot as I wait for someone. Living life fully indulged in the life of this it’s nice to just kick back and relax and listen to music, and that’s what this picture represents a escaped from the chaos a large city can cause and just keep to yourself.

With gas prices rising it’s good to save a couple bucks and take the bus. On the bus you can get a short glimpse of the lives of those in your neighborhood. In the second picture I saw many glimpses on the short ride. On the left you see a mother with her child, she was dressed in a uniform seeming to go to work. Later on she gets dropped off in front of a daycare center, I can presume that she is a single mom seeking care for her child to go to work. The woman to the right with a backpack got dropped off near the u of m campus presumably going to class, only makes me wonder what she’s studying. With one bus ride I had a short sense of how others lives are similar or different from mine in my very own community.

The third picture was taken in the I 94 bridge. City dwellers will call this time “rush hour” everyone zooming down the road trying to make it to work on time disregarding the thousands of others doing the exact same thing. This picture shows the rush of the city that many talk about. With speed limits hitting up to 60 mph imagine would happen if they would slow down and just give a short smile to the driver next to them. A big contrast to the usual horn honking ash the occasional curse word passed.

One of the attractions we are known for is the mall of America. Maybe visitors make it a priority to find their way there. In the fourth picture you see the blue line train. The blue line train takes you straight there from down town and on the way stops by the airport terminals. There’s always something about traveling that seems to spark people to talk. People want to know where they’re from, what brings them here, stories from other places. It’s truly amazing how someone simply carrying a luggage bag can inspire those to get out there comfort zones and connect with someone.

Early in the morning is when city folks are the nicest. I the 5th picture I was walking to walking to work down town when taking this picture. On my walk I saw many people just calm and soothed. I stopped by a gas station for coffee and witness so many friendly conversations and smiles. Maybe it’s the sulky raining weather that encourages one to brighten a neighbors mood or maybe it’s the beautiful Minnesota sunrises that puts us in a trance to love thy neighbor.

In the sixth picture I captured couples enjoying the many beautiful sights to see downtown. People who have lived in Minnesota their whole lives find new adventures to take to walk around and just enjoy sights with a friend on the weekend to get away from the stressful weekdays.

In the seventh photo you a see a boy enjoying the recent warmer weather riding his skateboard. Sometime it’s not so bad to be to yourself with no interactions with others. On this day you so many community members gathered outside together enjoy something remarkable. No snow in February! Now that’s something to bring people together.

My collection of photos shows the significance different modes of transportation have on the locals life. How you can either seclude yourself in your personal car, have random unplanned conversations with a neighbor on the train, or even grab a friend to walk around the grand city and explore. Whichever form you choose you will have a different interactions with different people in your community. With the newly built metro train system it gives our community a chance to connect with one another or we can choose to hop in our “whip” and seclude ourselves, listen to the latest on Spotify as we walk down the street with our heads down, or adventure around the city with someone you’re already a custom to.

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