When someone around you does something that annoys you, do you tell them or just leave it?

For example if someone at work always taps his pen against the desk when you are trying to concentrate or lets say you had a bad shoulder and your boss always say’s g’day by giving you a friendly slap on the back of the shoulder (when it actually hurts each time), how long would you go before you said something?

Or when your Girl friend throws her wet towel on the bed after the shower, or boy friend puts his dirty glass on the side of the sink instead of the dish washer… The list goes on..

How long would you go on with this ‘issue’ annoying you? 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month or even 1 year?

By leaving the ‘issue’ does this make you now act different around the person, almost start to resent the person? So could even go as far to say it might start changing YOU as a person?!?! Does this ‘issue’ start to STRESS you, keep you up at night?

Recently I had a client talk to me about how stressed they were at work, long hours, deadlines (you all know how that feels) annnnd to top it off what made it even worse was that they had finished a certain part of work though couldn’t move on to the next part until it had been check/looked over by a particular person (sound familiar?).

The whole situation was now making them feel anxious to the point of a breakdown.. Not nice to see when I personally know how lovely and caring ‘my client’ is!

This went on for around A WEEK to 10DAYS.

I ask my client in one of our sessions, “have you asked him to check it more than once?” “Have you expressed how this is making you feel?” And if he hasn’t marked/checked it and he knows he should, then he probably has his own reason (his probably super stressed himself and about to have a breakdown), so speak with him and find out what happening…… ”no”

In the end he marked the work, apologized for leaving it so late as he was super busy and life went on…

7 to 10 days of stress, anxiety, nearly nervous breakdown all because they didn’t say something sooner and just kept it in…..

Human’s aren’t bad people (well most of us anyways), they don’t do things to ‘intentionally’ to annoy you, or even for this matter send you into a nervous breakdown.

Don’t suppress things (push them under the carpet as they say), all its going to do is build up till one day you either say something that ‘wasn’t yourself’ which might get you in trouble or you’ll collapsed in a emotional state.

Kill the monster when it’s a baby, speak up!

Paul D’Ambrosio

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