grafting in the new economy
Christopher Chavez

Truly enjoyed this, Chris. Appeals to me in numerous ways but resonated especially because I’ve been thinking about how the sharing economy applies to individuals as opposed to only businesses/organizations. Just as we’re seeing some businesses and corporations move towards building processes that simultaneously positively impact both their bottom lines and society, we are seeing people commit to work where they’re able to create a stable and comfortable financial future while simultaneously maximizing their personal societal impact. This to me feels like a deliberate grafting of personal and professional interests which has only recently begun to break away from the more traditional model of “learn, earn, return.” That traditional model would have one cultivate a money tree for much of their life only to plant an impact tree near or after retirement in hopes it would some day grow tall and strong. We are increasingly finding ways to graft those two trees together at a much earlier stage in hopes of growing tall and strong financially while doing less harm along the way and driving greater impact over a lifetime rather than only near the end.

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