What about now?

I wonder if fear is a side effect of living a life that you know isn’t right for you, how fat is a side effect of all the processed sugar and extra large portions of cheesy pastas. It just gets to a point where you can’t trust anything you think or do or write. I wrote a review and balked because too many people disagreed with me. I feel stuck on pause but I can’t be paused because the hours pass everyday and roll till 10pm and it’s bedtime and I fall asleep in a fit of anxiety about another wasted day.

But why is it wasted? What should I have been doing instead?

The answer eludes me. I look for new books and music and articles and posts and ideas and save save save- for later. What later? Why can’t I live in the now?

And when I’m tired of future- I dig into past

I used to be so…organised. And focused. Driven. Thin.

I used to be so creative.

I used to follow my dreams.

Then back to the future…I will become so…organised. And focused. Driven. Thin.

I will become creative.

I will follow my dreams.

But what about now?

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