Are Nigerian banks useless?
Jason 'Igwe' Njoku

Bros Jason 'Igwe' Njoku well said. Not like you need any props.

If you are an entrepreneur or about to take the dive, this will happen. Not if but when sadly. It’s worse if you’re in technology [Software] because when they ask you for the tangibles you start to wonder if your annual AWS, Digital Ocean or other hosting plans will suffice. It should right….. Sorry, no dice…

Relate much I can [Master Yoda Speak], I have sat at some of those meetings and realized that last year’s Cash-flows no matter how sweet is irrelevant “.. anything can happen tomorrow..”. And the run around; don’t even get me started.

All is not lost:
a. Those meetings have provided our team with insight into how the other side thinks. Little wonder that: “ The Abroad is where boys & girls are looking to for Investments”.

b. Nothing screams opportunity for disruption like several dissatisfied customers. So watch the banking space.

c. Its not all doom and gloom sometimes the Bank’s shake body, but what we have found works is to ask for credit even when you don’t need it. Sadly if you’ve asked for money before they tend to give next time. If you don’t buy and sell, but suddenly enter a bind. Chances are, your Nigerian Bank is going to let you down, Hard. Most of them are just not set up for out the box.

PS: Who’d have guessed that [The Njokus, Iroko] go through stuff like this…